WSN Classifieds

WSN Classifieds for WordPress

Do you have a WordPress website you'd like to add a powerful and flexible classifieds or storefront to? WSN Classifieds is now available as a plugin for WordPress.

Please send problem reports, feedback and suggestions to support.

Download WSN Classifieds For WordPress Plugin

Download the wsnclassifiedsforwordpress.php by clicking the button above, then upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ subdirectory of your WordPress installation. Then go to the plugins page in your WordPress admin panel to activate it.

This plugin will automatically add WSN Classifieds to your WordPress, fully integrated with your theme and memberships, with a link in your front end navigation and the WSN Classifieds admin panel accessible through your WordPress admin panel. Every feature of the standalone WSN Classifieds is still there for you, just seamlessly folded into your WordPress site.

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Release Notes:

To upgrade from any version 1.1.0 or later to the current version, simply re-download and upload to overwrite the previous file in your /wp-content/plugins/.

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