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E-mail SupportFree
Forum SupportFree
Access to DeveloperFree
Professional Installation ServiceFree
Professional Upgrade ServiceFree
Security UpdatesFree
Web Design$1/minute*
PHP Coding$1/minute*
Experience/ReliabilityActively developed since August 2002

* Full source code provided so you can hire any other developer you wish to hire, no lock-in.

CustomizationEasy theme creation, powerful toplists and conditionals
MultilingualTranslatable, automatic browser language detection
IntegrationEasily share members with almost any MySQL script
Self-ModernizationAutomated updates
ExtensabilityPlugins and mods guide + full source
Branding RemovalFree
Key Features
SocialFB Connect, FB App, twitter feeds, social bookmarking, RSS
SEOURL rewriting, funneling, sitemaps, meta tags, link trading, syndication
RevenueListing or member sponsorships, subscriptions, coupons, shopping cart
EmailDigest or instant subscriptions, bulk email members or listings, sent to friend, contact, MIME, logging, bounce detector
FilesMulti-file progress bar, thumbnails, lightbox slideshows, autoresize, flv conversion and video player

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